The Big Cook 2

The Big Cook began in 1997, right when our families were expanding at a dramatic rate and cooking was becoming a real challenge.

Providing healthy, homemade meals became increasingly hard to do as the busyness of life began to take over. We decided to get together to “cook en masse” to create meals to be used on future days. The idea took off, and we all came to rely on these meals throughout our hectic schedules on those days ending in the letter ”y”. Even entertaining guests with a wonderful meal became easier when the tasty main course was prepared and ready to be cooked. The Big Cook has truly changed our lives in regards to supper preparation! We could never go back to preparing meals on a daily basis. With 7 children between 2 households, our days are full of activities, sports, music, church, and unexpected urgencies. We can’t fully express the satisfaction of going to our freezers and having a choice of great meals available at our fingertips! When asked how The Big Cook began, we usually answer that it started as a solution to help us put a healthy home cooked meal on our familys’ tables each night. That may have been the beginning but The Big Cook has come a long way since then!

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