The BIG Cook - Complete First Edition

It is 5:00 p.m. You are rushing around frantically trying to get supper made. The dog is barking, the phone is ringing, the kids are screaming, the dryer is beeping and you have to be out the door to the next activity in 40 minutes. Sound familiar? This is probably the norm for most families but with The Big Cook this scene can change dramatically. Picture this: your freezer is full of healthy, homemade, nutritious meals that are ready to be cooked and enjoyed. Your meal preparation is basically done, leaving you time to spend with your children, go to the gym or relax and watch your favorite TV show. That is what The Big Cook is all about – friends getting together, having fun and making up to 200 meals. Did you know that it only takes a little longer to make 8 meals of the same recipe than it does to make one?

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